Naomi established herself with our senior managers, built long-term relationships & partnered with our development efforts to keep the “A” players we hire. Very good at staying connected, comes across as really caring, knows the right time to check in and when to give space.  Her style is a great fit for scientific leaders who need a direct approach as well as support.
Jeanette Kohlbrenner, VP, HR, Infinity Pharmaceuticals

She helped our senior managers learn how they were perceived, define the type of leader they want to be & learn skills to become that. A professional needs to connect with a coach who has their best interest in the forefront.  Naomi was not a name behind a big firm with a set way of approaching each person.  She was comfortable with herself, her ability & able to bring out the best in each by putting them at ease.
Eileen McGann, HR Head, Large Financial Services Company

Partnered with us, flexible – I knew when I needed you or had a challenge, you’d find a way to fit us in.  I trust you to act appropriately at all levels & hired you to work in two very different companies, which you adapted to very easily.
Heather Morin, HR Director, Archemix

You got a senior manager to prepare presentations he feared giving, operate outside his comfort zone, reach out more, then get promoted by making his strengths & leadership presence visible to the executive team.
Vito Palombella, CSO, Infinity Pharmaceuticals

What’s unique is the breadth of the industries she’s worked in. Brings a lot of examples from them to illustrate what she’s coaching people on.
C.M. Manager, Raytheon

Naomi gets to the heart of issues – very helpful to have someone objective decipher cultural nuances so you can succeed. Using humor to put serious situations in perspective, she had me solve these professionally – without taking them personally.  Companies spend so much money hiring people, but don’t invest in onboarding.  People new to the culture can fail without clear feedback on expectations early enough, since impressions are formed in the first 6 months.
T.L., Director, Raytheon