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even performers get speaker fright

Singer Josh Ritter’s never shaken his stage fright on a book tour. Clutching his book for dear life, he reads like an embarrassed 5th grader giving a book report.  But “the stiffness disappears when he plays guitar & sings”. (Boston Globe 7.3.11)

Tip: Remember you will get through it. Don’t focus on your reaction. Connect outward with the audience & to a part you’re more at ease with.



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connect, then influence

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 “Ability to win people over to your ideas….using relationship-based persuasion”.  Don’t underestimate the value of connecting when influencing others. 

Tip: Put people at ease – before asking them to do something not in their interest.


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tell your story

People connect through stories at the basic level.  After brain injury, Sarkin turns his drawings into stories to make sense of who he is.

Tip: Present your message in a storyline.

Podcast: NPR Interview with author

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get your point across

Speaking up (as a meeting facilitator or participant) be challenging when dominant, expressive people take up air time.

Tip: Say their name & quickly bring up your point.  Call on others to join the discussion.  Ask for one last point before going to next topic.

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courage to speak

Innovative coach helps king overcome speaker fright using headphones to prevent hearing him himself, taping his more natural speech after an angry outburst proves his stammer isn’t physical

Tip: Speaking loudly conveys confidence by canceling self-sabotaging thoughts.

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exaggerate while performing

Tucker plays the piano & sings confidently – expectations are different for dogs, but their non-verbals are spot on!

Tip: Louder volume & relevant gestures create a more dynamic delivery, especially if you’re still learning your content!

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